Valeo Capital Partners was founded in 2015 following long investment banking careers of its founders at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan in the UK and the US, respectively. We are the only investment banking firm located in Central America that is led by former members of major global investment banks and strategy consulting firms.

From our headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica, we provide financial advisory services to corporations, investors and family offices in Latin America. We also work with private equity funds and multinational companies already present in Latin America or seeking to enter this region for the first time.

We add value by facilitating and de-risking important corporate transactions within the context of Latin America's challenging business environment. We do this by adopting a formal and rigorous approach that we have developed by completing a variety of M&A transactions and financial advisory projects in this region.

Our approach is built upon skills we developed as members of major global firms. We add to this local expertise derived from many years of living and working in Latin America's emerging markets. This allows us to be especially effective in cross-border transactions where the importance of both an international and local perspective is emphasized.

Our goal is to maximize value for our clients and be regarded as their long term trusted advisor.




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